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PX Score™️ gives you unprecedented insight on your reputation by monitoring 200+ online sources.

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Your PX Score

Understand your care performance and elevate your reputation with the PX Score.

Annual & Quarterly Score Deviation Trend

Track progress year over year and quarter over quarter across key performance indicators

PX Score Breakdown by KPIs

Understand how you score with patients in the top 10 ways that matter most to them

PX Score Benchmarking by KPIs

Compare your score to your peers to understand where you stand.

Discover how you rank on patient experience

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The PX Score, Unpacked

Data First

A research-backed, industry standard measure of patient experience based on a model published by the GW School of Public Health

Perceptive Analysis

Refined natural language processing technology accurately analyzes and quantifies reviews and comments

Direct Insights

Hundreds of online feedback sources streamlined into simple performance metrics

Savvy Segmentation

Isolates key performance metrics within provider’s control, illuminating actionable opportunities for improvement


best practice.

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There are countless administrative responsibilities that keep you from your most important task—taking care of patients. Managing your reputation shouldn’t add to the list.

The PX Score is a consolidated metric that effectively summarizes how you’re performing on the aspects that matter most to your patients. As a Fountain Analytics subscriber, you’ll receive access to your score and quarterly PX Reports that highlight how you’re moving the needle via an easy-to-use dashboard.

Fast-track Your Feedback


Smart Synthesis

The PX Score provides a precise and concise assessment of patient experience drawn from hundreds of public data sources.

Simple Snapshot

Measure change where it counts for your patients and your practice with a standardized approach to scoring your patient experience feedback.

Instant Intelligence

Quickly assess your patients’ experience and the competitive provider landscape with quarterly reports sent to your inbox.
Discover how you rank on patient experience

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$300 Per Year