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PX Score reports capture all of your patient feedback, including ratings and review data from 200+ websites. Read everything that was said about you in minutes without a long and tedious search. You have countless administrative responsibilities that keep you from your most important task—taking care of patients. Managing your reputation shouldn’t add to the list.


Interpret Your Feedback

PX Score reports analyze the feedback data and generate insights to share how you perform in the areas that patients care the most about. These key factors are research-backed and allow you to quickly understand your feedback, as well as track trends and patterns over time.

The 10 Key Factors of the PX Score:

Why these categories? According to research on the patient experience, these are the important factors that your patients consider. Click here to review the study.


Discover How You Rank

PX Score reports show you how you compare to other providers, both nationally and within your specialty. You’re also able to see how the amount of reviews and ratings stacks up against other providers.

Your PX Score

Understand your feedback and reputation with the PX Score.

Annual & Quarterly Score Deviation Trend

Track progress year over year and quarter over quarter across your scores.

PX Score Breakdown by KPIs

Understand how you score with patients in the top 10 ways that matter most to them.

PX Score Benchmarking by KPIs

Compare your score to your peers to see where you rank.

Breakdown of Feedback Sources

Understand where your reviews are coming from.


Read all the latest mentions, ratings and reviews you receive online.

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