Capture the voice of the patient

Quantified patient feedback for data-driven decision-making.

Putting Patient Experience at the Forefront

Fountain Analytics helps healthcare organizations adopt the patient perspective and make informed decisions by leveraging invaluable indicators gleaned from public sources and organizational specific data.

Our sophisticated, proprietary technology analyzes millions of patient responses, discerns nuances in tone and intent, and translates feedback from disjointed anecdotes into actionable insights—unlocking patient experience metrics not captured by existing data and empowering organizations to enhance their data-driven decision-making.

Optimize Your Outcomes

  • Measure and improve the quality of the patient experience
  • Harness feedback and perceptions about service lines
  • Transform qualitative information into quantitative data and custom scores
  • Yield insights that facilitate management of costs, utilization, and provider networks
  • Augment transparency and performance benchmarks across stakeholders

Fountain Analytics unlocks potential

Customized for Conclusive,

Data-driven Decision-making

Healthcare organizations benefit from highly customized solutions, empowering physicians, care team administrators, business stakeholders, and executives to better understand benchmarks, implement streamlined changes, and create impact at scale. Custom-weighted patient experience scores and detailed reports tailored to the criteria and frequency of your organization’s specific needs bring critical insights to light.



Fountain Analytics uses sophisticated natural language processing technology refined in the healthcare industry for over a decade to accurately extract and categorize patient responses sourced from surveys, review sites, social media, and public digital forums. Distilling millions of responses into clear, relevant, and precise metrics, our automated algorithm puts powerful data in your hands.

Shortening the Path to

Peak Performance

Bolstered by decades of expertise applying data science and technology to give healthcare professionals transparency into patient experience and close gaps in care objectives, Fountain Analytics translates qualitative patient feedback into easily digestible metrics for stakeholders inside and outside of your organization, bringing the triple and quadruple aims of healthcare within reach.

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