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CareDash Collaborates With Binary Fountain to Add Patient Experience (PX) Scores to 500,000+ Doctor Profiles

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Dec. 17, 2019

New patient experience (PX) scores are now featured on a nationwide network of doctor profiles available on CareDash, the fastest growing healthcare search and review site in the U.S. These scores are available thanks to a new partnership between CareDash and Binary Fountain, a leading provider of customer experience (CX) management and analytics platform for enterprises, healthcare organizations and small and medium-sized businesses. Binary Fountain’s patient experience ratings and insights are used to calculate the PX Scores, which are available on healthcare provider profiles, including mental health professionals and dentists, across the CareDash platform. This data helps empower patients to compare providers and make more informed decisions about their healthcare.

“As U.S. consumers rely on the internet more and more to research and make decisions about their healthcare, they’re looking for trusted, transparent, and easy-to-access data to inform them,” said Niklas Kubasek, senior vice president of partnerships at CareDash. “Our partnership with Binary Fountain will equip CareDash users with pertinent, invaluable data to assist them in making crucial decisions about their healthcare.”

Screenshot: A sample PX Score on CareDash.

A recent national survey found that 75 percent of Americans say online ratings and review sites have influenced their decision when selecting a physician. Consumers who rely on CareDash to research providers and make decisions about where to seek care will now have direct access to patient experience information, including a breakdown of the 10 key areas patients care about, such as the thoroughness of the provider’s exam, their ability to answer questions, the clarity of instructions, and the provider’s attitude and bedside manner, to name a few.

“Partnering with CareDash will empower more patients nationwide to take control over their healthcare decisions through trusted, data-driven, patient feedback scores,” said Ramu Potarazu, president and CEO of Binary Fountain. “Our work shows Binary Fountain’s deep commitment to deliver critical insights and analytics across every facet of the patient journey.”

Fountain Analytics, the patient experience insights and analytics arm of Binary Fountain that generates the PX Score, was established to translate powerful data into meaningful metrics and revolutionary resources for healthcare providers and organizations. Fountain Analytics uses a proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine, specific to the healthcare industry, to accurately extract and categorize patient responses from over 200 sources of data, including review sites, social media and public digital forums. The PX ratings are not indicators of medical quality, rather they are a reflection of consumers’ overall patient satisfaction. Through this partnership, patient experience data is now available across more than 500,000 CareDash doctor profiles, spanning many specialties of care, nationwide.

Learn more about how CareDash will leverage Fountain Analytics.

About Binary Fountain

Binary Fountain provides the leading customer experience and online reputation management platform for enterprises, healthcare organizations and small and medium-sized businesses. Anchored in its Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, the cloud-based platform mines customer and employee feedback from surveys, online ratings and review sites, social media and other data sources to equip organizations with actionable insights needed to improve brand loyalty, increase engagement, attract new customers and drive sustainable bottom-line results. On a mission to help companies grow their business and create better customer experiences, Binary Fountain serves various industries including healthcare, hospitality, retail, automotive and financial services. For more information, visit or follow on Twitter @binaryfountain.

About CareDash

Headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., CareDash is an online healthcare portal transforming the doctor review industry to make it more transparent and accessible for all patients. As well as verified patient reviews, it provides up-to-date information on a doctor’s conditions treated, procedures performed, bio, contact information, pharmaceutical payments, and disciplinary actions. For more information on CareDash, visit or follow on Twitter @caredash.